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HEAVY LOG Transport & Logistik GmbH takes course into a more defends creation

From August 2007, date of establishment by Erwin Hiebel, the company Heavy Log developed within a few month into a top appealing partner in matters of transport and logistics.

Mister Hiebel, who is already been active since 1996 in this branche of industry, vouches for quick and of cause professional completion of the most difficult tasks.
What started with a small team, in a residential building in Bad Fischau as a Transport mediation company with focusing on construction logistics, had because of exceptionally good prospects to expand about 10.000 m² in February 2008 on the new location in Münchendorf nearby Vienna.

With first of all many partners and the 72 workers, Heavy Log Transport & Logistics GmbH accomplished in a difficult  business climate not only to maintain, but also to develop.

In the meantime about 45 vehicles in company colours are operative.

The implementation of relevant plans is proceeding quickly.
In December 2014 the first building section for a new warehouse with 3.300 m²  has been closed. The completion of the investment was in February 2015. Now heavy material up to 100 ton can be handled.

At this moment there are 5 warehouses, 25.000 m² outdoor area as well as carpool.

To give clients from the construction - and transport industry new possibilities regarding covered storage, the building has for entering and exiting doors of 6 m wide and 6 m headroom.

Faithfull to the motto „we let the heavy things rolling“ the customers and order volume have been growing continuously.

With pride a 5-years contract was made with TU Wien in the sector In-/output, storage and transport as well various fixed trips for the company Lagermax and the Österreichische Post AG, just to mention a few.

Machine according to USA

One of our newest challenge:

Machine according to USA

Pick a machine disassembled (packed in for the land suitable boxes as well as partially loose), unpack, wrap in bubble-and VCI film, desiccant addition, pack in seaworthy OSB wooden boxes (with
Image documentation) and dam of 2 40 'containers for sea transport. Full organization of the entire transport incl. Customs clearance to the end customer in the USA.

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Our services:

Based on our foundation, the transport service, we make overall concepts in forerun, development and trailing.

Projectmanagement and project completion,
feasibility studies, inspection on site,
collection official authorizations and many more areas of responsibility are available in our „All in one“-solution.

Transnational  the slogan with our partner companies is „Networking for Success“  to achieve the best possible solution for our clients.

Heavy Log - Logistic / Transport / Mounting / storage / crane

Heavy Log - We take the problem, to build your solution

New Truck and Semitrailer

The new 3-axle tractor unit Volvo FH16 / 750 brand and the new brand Semitrailer Broshuis 4 Achser 4SLA-18-48 / 1 immediately complement our fleet.

Vienna City Hurricans

45 vehicles and 72 employees are at your disposal
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